Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Weekend

Merry Christmas from OUR family to YOURS...

UPDATED 12/28/11
I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas this year. We sure did =)
I worked the morning shift at the hospital Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I was able to enjoy the rest of the day with my family.

After I got off work Christmas Eve, we drove up to Murrietta for Christmas Eve dinner with my Aunt's family on my Dad's side. We also exchanged gifts. Michael and I received 2 giftcards, one for Chili's and one for P.F. Changs. Can't wait to do date night!

While we were there, I was working on a scarf for my sister Jessica in Idaho that I needed to finish asap to send up with Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Bill. When I finished I thought I'd try to make a beanie for Jacob, but ended up making a little bonnet for Lillyanne instead because I didn't follow a pattern. I'm not really good with following patterns so I just go with what I already know and see where it takes me...and in this case it made a bonnet. Trying to get Lilly to keep it on her head is a challenge though. She's not a big fan of anything in her hair or on her head. STINKER! It actaully would look cuter on a baby girl as a floppy hat.

I knew I had to get up early for work Christmas morning but we didn't end up leaving Murrieta until 11pm. We just had so much fun up there!

Christmas morning came and I headed off to work. This year my family decided to wait for me to open gifts. I was surprised Lilly wasn't fighting it, but she was good girl and wanted to wait for mommy too! I got a lot of goodies, we all did!

After we opened gifts we headed over to my father in law's and had dinner with him and his fiance Karen. We ate, exchanged gifts and then headed to Trevor's, Michael's best friend to give him and his family their gifts. It was a great Christmas!

Although I was sad to wake up the next day and not hear Christmas music playing on KYXY 96.5 anymore BUT that isn't going to stop me from listening. I just hooked up my pandora and listened to my Christmas station in the car. I will listen to Christmas music until the end of New Year's Day!

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