Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Boy

WE are going to have a BOY! We are so excited, especially Mike, he's so HAPPY. Before we even found out what we were having, he'd rub my belly and ask, "How's my SON doing?" He cracks me up.

Lilly is so excited to be a big sister and already loves her brother. One thing she keeps asking is if she's going to be the boss of her new baby brother. I thought it was cute. When I told her no, she's not going to be the boss, she said "Well, can I tell him what to do then?" What a crack up.

Well, as happy as I am, I've been feeling so sick with this pregnancy.

I was so nauseated the first three months, and then it passed only to come back. I pretty much can deal with the nausea but the headaches and dizzy spells are a little harder.

I had to work this morning and I went to the bathroom to get ready and next thing you know, I'm on the floor. I remember I had a fainting spell with Lilly too but only once. I still went to work, and felt better then I started to feel dizzy again. I checked my blood sugar but it was fine. I wonder if it's a balance issue?

Regardless, I'll take whatever I get with my baby boy as long as he's healthy. I already love him so much!!!

The baby is moving a lot and I can feel him. I started feeling flutters at about 16wks but Mike felt him last night.

I hope the next few months go by fast, cause I can't wait to meet him!

Not a super exciting blog, but it'll do for now...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Catching Up...

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I start celebrating it in NOVEMBER....and some people find me crazy for listening to Christmas music in November, but what they don't understand is I enjoy all the days leading up to Christmas, so I wanna enjoy as much of it as I can. When Christmas Eve hits, I always get a little sad cause I know it'll be over soon....

Well, because it's my favorite time of the year I took a few days off and so I have to time to update this thing....=0)

Lilly had her Christmas Program at her school on December 16th, her class sang "Juanito and Jingle Bells" it was so cute. I had to work that night so I went to her earlier show at 11:0am and Alivia took a few hours off work to watch it with me which was wonderful. Lilly loves seeing her Aunt LaLa.

Lilly is kind of hidden, see if you can find her.

We went to Sea World on Saturday with my sister and friends from work. I've lived in SD for 24 years and this was my first time there and I loved it. Lilly and Mike loved visiting and touching the Star Fish at the tide pool.

Lilly is trying to escape.

I was so afraid he was going to fall in trying to touch the Sea Cucumber

Lilly loved the Star Fishes

Here's us after the Shamu Show, Lilly is just waking

Take one

Take Two, see ya Lilly

Two of the most wonderful people, Ron and Carol

I saved the best news for last. Mike and I experienced two miscarriages this year which was really hard for me, but Mike has been nothing but strong and supportive through it all. I think of the many blessings I already have in my life and I am so grateful. So now we are blessed with another baby which seems to be growing healthy and strong, and we are so happy. Everything happens in our lives for a reason, and we know even though we haven't been strong in our Church for awhile we still believe and I'm grateful that Heavenly father is still blessing us and that makes me happy.

Baby at 12weeks

Close up of Baby at 16 weeks...