Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thursdays are good days....every day is a good day, but Thursday is extra wonderful because it's one day closer to FRIDAY.

So to start off my awesome day today, Michael, Melissa, Jacob and I headed over to the Sandwich Emporium for lunch. Lilly didn't join us because she went over the the Palma's (friends from church) for a play date.

Now let me start off by saying the Sandwich Emporium is my favorite sandwich deli in San Diego. Their sandwiches are fresh and the portions are huge and the prices are affordable, and they are super quick to get your order out to you.

My favorite sandwich from there is the Californian. It has turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomato, and avocado and I always choose to have it on wheat even though they recommend sourdough bread. I am just a wheat bread kind of girl.

I usually only eat half of my sandwich and save the other half to eat for dinner at work.

So considering this was the a great start to my TERRIFIC THURSDAY, I was so looking forward to having my 1/2 sandwich for dinner.

I rarely putt anything in the refrigerator because I don't usually bring lunch, but today I went ahead and put my white paper bag with my sandwich and leftover chips and some peaches in it.

Now, I've heard stories of lunches being eaten by other people but I thought today is too good of a day for someone to steal my lunch.


I went to grab a peach for a snack at 4pm, my sandwich was still chilling in the bag.

After 6pm I was ready to take a break and eat my yummy I headed to the lounge, opened the fridge and noticed that my nicely folded paper bag was all crumpled and opened.

At first I just thought eh, it must have gotten crumpled and what not from all the other lunch bags( lunch purses), around my bag. Well, I went for my sandwich at the bottom of my bag only to be disappointed because it was no longer there. Honestly my first reaction was, 'Did I eat my sandwich already?' but I know I didn't because all I had earlier was that peach. Whoever took the sandwich was nice enough to put the chips and peaches back in the bag.

I took whatever was left back to CT and shared with my co workers what had happened. They couldn't believe it either. I ate what was left went back to work.

Now, I'm sure you must be thinking it's just a sandwich, why am I going on and on about this sandwich? Well, because I just feel like it....=0P

Because after that, I was able to laugh about it and make fun of it. I did however leave a note on the fridge for the hungry man or woman that decided to have my sandwich. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I would have.

So enough about the sandwich....

So I've been meaning to share a story about what Lilly said the other day.

Last week, Michael, Kenny, Lilly, Jacob and I went to eat a Fin's in La Jolla. The temple is visible from where we were....and so Lilly starts this little conversation with me.

Lilly: Look Mommy, it's the Temple.

Me: Uh huh

Lilly: And that's the Angel on top.

Me: Yes it's the Angel Maroni.

Lilly: Oh Mommy, the Angel is up there tootin' his horn....

I thought it was the cutest thing ever...had to post so I won't ever forget that moment.

Here's a picture of Jacob at the sandwich emporium, it's blurry but he just looks so sweet
Being COOL as daddy drives mommy to work...
And...the note I left for whomever ate my sandwich=0)

Monday, July 25, 2011


So many things have been changing at work lately.....

New co workers, new supervisors and managers and new experiences....

It's quite easy for me to forget sometimes that my life isn't as bad as I think it is...and as soon as I step into work....everything around me....all the patients I work with...just confirms it....

I'd like to think I live a pretty blessed life....I have everything I could ever want...and whatever I don't have I know I can work for it....and I know it can be achieved...if not now....SOME DAY, ONE DAY.....