Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

We didn't do much New Year's Eve, I got sick and so we stayed home and watched movies and shows on T.V. I started feeling a little under the weather the Friday before but I sucked it up because my sister Alivia came down to spend the day with me and Melissa and we went thrifting at Goodwill. Elisa, my brother in law's girlfriend even joined us later on that night when Melissa left and we did some shopping at Ross and got some drinks from Starbucks before we headed back to my house. Love their apple spice cider with caramel!

We went to Church New Year's Day. We got to get some extra sleep since our ward now starts at 11 instead of 9. It was nice to start out the New Year with our ward family, Elisa and Adam joined us for sacrament too.

I also had the day after off. Michael woke up early and went for a hike at Mission Trails with Adam, Corey, Elisa, Trevor and Kenny. I stayed in bed til about 0830 and then went for a walk at Lake Murray instead. It was beautiful there, I loved all 6 miles of it! Gotta love San Diego!

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Mikey finished his hike and I finished my walk at the lake at the same time so Kenny dropped him off at Lake Murray and we drove home together. He started to tell me the lymph nodes in his neck were swollen and he didn't feel well so when we got home, he layed down in bed, DIDN'T EVEN SHOWER, that's how bad he felt. I showered and got ready because my best friend came over to the house and we went out for lunch. Jacob stayed home with daddy because he is still trying to get over  a really bad cold. He has a bad runny nose and cough.

After lunch Elisa and Adam came by to visit. Elisa was leaving for boot camp the next morning =( Melissa also stopped by for a bit, everyone got to see Mikey sick  in bed..haha.

Mikey woke me up Tuesday morning and asked if I could call and get him an appt to see our primary care doctor. He NEVER asks to go to the doctor so I knew he really wasn't feeling good. I called and was able to get him in that morning at 11. He told me he thinks he had strep throat and the NP confirmed it. So for the next 48 hrs he was advised to wear a mask, hydrate, get lots of rest and take his antibiotics. Unfortunately I couldn't stay home and take care of him because I had to work, but he had a lot of help from my mom and sisters when it came to the kids.

Even with all the illnesses going on, I still have a positive outlook for 2012=)

I have some ideas I'd like to get started on...and when I do I will need your help family and friends.....

 I'm going to start to sell some stuff, OLD and NEW on this blog. I have a plan all mapped out in my head, I just need to get it down.

SO STAY TUNED...and I like I said, I will need HELP getting the word out when it does happen...

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prettyinpink said...

Hope you and the fam have an awesome 2012!