Monday, February 15, 2010

Three Day Weekend

It was a very long week at work, but it was great to have 3 days off because of President's day today. I have to say we made the most of our weekend.

We went to Murrieta on Saturday to my Aunt and Uncle's house and we all went to Valley View Casino to enjoy FREE LOBSTER BUFFET!!! we signed up for the players club just to get the free buffet. The only down side is the cigarette SMOKE!!!! I wished the buffet hall was located in the non smoking section, but I survived thanks to my DR. PEPPER chap stick.
My cousin Hayden

For Valentine's Day, Michael and I went to eat at Tom Ham's Lighthouse. This is our third Valentine's there and I must say this was the best one yet. We always do the Valentine's special. This year it Mikey ordered seared ahi for the started, I had the soup sampler which included lobster bisque and clam chowder. For our entree I had 1 1/2 lbs of king crab with potatoes and corn fritters, I only ate one crab claw. Mikey enjoyed lobster tail and ribeye with potatoes and artichokes. It was delicious. For dessert, I had fresh strawberries with chocolate dip and my love enjoyed a very decadent chocolate dessert. HE LOVES CHOCOLATE! I can't begin to express how much I LOVE, LOVE my HUSBAND. He really is the best thing that ever happened to much I have now is because of him!

Lilly took our picture when we got home =0)

Our other Valentine

So to enjoy my last day off before I head back to work we took a trip to Julian today with Melissa and Corey. The drive was beautiful because the day was just perfect. Once we got there we ate at Bailey's BBQ. The food was great! We then walked around and stopped at The Candy Basket where Mikey splurged on salt water taffy and other candies. We wanted to have pie at MOM'S BAKERY but the line was out the door so we got back on the road and visited the one we saw on the way to Julian. Same place, different location, smaller crowd. My bumbleberry pie with the vanilla ice cream was DELICIOUS!!! yum yum!!!

I love this picture that Corey took...

Brotherly love

The Girls

Our Little Family

It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend!!!