Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Weekend

Merry Christmas from OUR family to YOURS...

UPDATED 12/28/11
I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas this year. We sure did =)
I worked the morning shift at the hospital Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I was able to enjoy the rest of the day with my family.

After I got off work Christmas Eve, we drove up to Murrietta for Christmas Eve dinner with my Aunt's family on my Dad's side. We also exchanged gifts. Michael and I received 2 giftcards, one for Chili's and one for P.F. Changs. Can't wait to do date night!

While we were there, I was working on a scarf for my sister Jessica in Idaho that I needed to finish asap to send up with Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Bill. When I finished I thought I'd try to make a beanie for Jacob, but ended up making a little bonnet for Lillyanne instead because I didn't follow a pattern. I'm not really good with following patterns so I just go with what I already know and see where it takes me...and in this case it made a bonnet. Trying to get Lilly to keep it on her head is a challenge though. She's not a big fan of anything in her hair or on her head. STINKER! It actaully would look cuter on a baby girl as a floppy hat.

I knew I had to get up early for work Christmas morning but we didn't end up leaving Murrieta until 11pm. We just had so much fun up there!

Christmas morning came and I headed off to work. This year my family decided to wait for me to open gifts. I was surprised Lilly wasn't fighting it, but she was good girl and wanted to wait for mommy too! I got a lot of goodies, we all did!

After we opened gifts we headed over to my father in law's and had dinner with him and his fiance Karen. We ate, exchanged gifts and then headed to Trevor's, Michael's best friend to give him and his family their gifts. It was a great Christmas!

Although I was sad to wake up the next day and not hear Christmas music playing on KYXY 96.5 anymore BUT that isn't going to stop me from listening. I just hooked up my pandora and listened to my Christmas station in the car. I will listen to Christmas music until the end of New Year's Day!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Merry Week....

This past week has been so AMAZING.  
I had the whole week off, but EVERY DAY of the week we had something to do.
Let's reflect.....

Friday 12/16/11
Last day of work for me and boy oh boy did I enjoy the day! We had an UGLY SWEATER PARTY and our Chief Radiologist, Dr. Richman had mexican food catered for the occasion. I had Alivia model my sweater for me and she looked pretty darn cute in it! I honestly didn't think the sweater was ugly enough so the night before I had crocheted a bunch of bows and flowers with GREEN and RED yarn to embellish the sweater a little more. End result: WINNER!  I won a huge bag of Lindt's Lindor Truffles.  After the party my coworker Gladys wanted me and Alivia to open our gift from her. She got us Juicy Couture wristlets! They're so cute! My first Juicy anything! See, I'd never buy anything like that for myself so I really did appreciate it as a gift! Thanks Gladys!

Saturday 12/17/11
We celebrated Grandma Riggins 87th birthday at Por Favor's Mexican Restaurant in El Cajon. It was a great family gathering and it was great to see everyone again!

After the party we headed to another Ugly Sweater/Gingerbread House Party at Ron and Carol's house. This time I wore the sweater and the kids even got to wear some too. I really liked Michael's sweater but it was NOT ugly!  We had so much to eat that night, pizza, spaghetti and lots of homemade sweet treats! Of course it wouldn't be a Schoolcraft Christmas Party without a Gingerbread house contest! This is our 5th year celebrating with the Schoolcrafts and we always enjoy the food and fun every year. Renee and I partnered up this year. We didn't win, but that's ok because we had a lot of fun decorating our house.

Here are some photos for now...
Lilly and her new friend Tavis decorated one together. Way to go kids!

Some of the houses. Ours is the one that says "Merry X-MAS" on the roof.

Some "Awkward" Family Photos...Michael's facial expressions cracks me up!

Sunday 12/18/11
I had some family come down to San Diego from Murrieta and we went and watched the boat parade at Seaport Village. Afterwards we went to CHRISTMAS CARD LANE in Rancho Penasquitos. We've been going every year since Lilly was born. I love it there. Christmas joy all around, almost EVERY house is lit and decorated. This year we even saw Mr. and Mrs. Clause and Frosty the Snowman! Some homes were offereing hot cocoa and treats for donations. My favorite house is the one themed after the movie "A CHRISTMAS STORY." They even have the lamp leg, CLASSIC! Even though it was freezing cold walking around and watching lights NEVER gets old!

 Monday 12/19/11
I took Terri out for dinner at Barona as an early Christmas gift.  Nothing beats their all you can eat crab and oysters! Laughter and fun was included also. We really did have a blast. I love.Love.LOVE this woman! She is such an inspiration! And she has the cutest Australian accent, I could listen to her talk for hours! 

Tuesday 12/20/11
Sister Howe was kind enough to welcome us in her house for homemade lasagna for dinner after our Secret Santa gift exchange. We had a grand ol' time with one another. I love our young women and I love the leaders. So blessed for such a wonderful calling!

 Wednesday 12/21/11 
Me, Michael and the kids met up with Erika and 2 of her girls, Sarah, John and their boys for a little lunch playdate at Mcdonalds in La Mesa. It was nice to get to spend some time with them.

In the evening, we met up with our young women and the leaders at the Mormon Battalion for A HAWAIIAN CHRISTMAS presentation. It was group of young girls dancing hula to Christmas music. It was so cute! And the tree in the theatre part of the building was decorated so beautifully!

Thursday 12/22/11
I met up with Sally and baby James for lunch at Croutons in La Jolla. She used to serve in YW with me then she moved to La Jolla when she was pregnant with James. It was nice catching up with her. James her son is soooo CUTE!

After lunch I picked up Alivia from work and we hung out all day! We went thrift shopping at Goodwill and then ate dinner at CiCi's pizza buffet. Afterwards we drove around La Mesa, my favorite neighborhood in San Diego, and looked at Christmas lights and then stopped by starbucks for yummy hot apple cider. When we got home Alivia helped us wrap some presents! We had a really great day together, love her!

Friday 12/23/11
We started out the day by visiting Grandma and Grandpa Liljestrom at 11 to exchange gifts with them. Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Bill also stopped by as we were leaving to drop off gifts that Jessica had sent with them for us. It was nice being able to see them.

Later in the evening we celebrated Christmas early at Jenny (sister) and Greg's (brother in law) house in Santee. Every year they host dinner at their house and we exchange gifts with eachother and a group of our close family friends. We had turkey and rib roast for dinner. After dinner we gathered around the tree, and opened our gifts. I had a lot of fun, we all did. I was a little bummed because we couldn't take our time and relax after. We helped clean up and then had to head home so I could rise early for work at 7am Christmas Eve. Nevertheless, we had a great time spent with family and friends. Thank you Jenny and Greg for the food and presents. We love you guys. Next year, I'd like a niece or nephew okay!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Joy to the World...


Michael sent me these while I was at work, nothing makes me happier than when I get his messages.
Brother and Sister bonding...he even shares his Germs...=P

Sweet as can be..

Our Father in Heaven wouldn't give us ANYTHING in this life that we couldn't handle....

Michael.Lillyanne.Jacob are my stability in this ever changing world...

I love them unconditionally...Forever and Always...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Wiggley Wiggley Christmas...

Today Lilly's school did their Christmas program. They offer three shows in the morning during school hours which I thought was so nice since I work in the evening.

This year the second graders sang a song from the the Disney show the Wiggles. It was really cute. Lilly really got into it as you can see ....

After the program, we were able to sign Lilly out of school an hour early given the fact it was half day and they were getting out at 1230.

It was nice, The.FOUR.of.US, stopped by the fancy smancy McDonald's in La Jolla and grabbed lunch before I started work =)

It's Wednesday and so the week is halfway done, and best of all, I'll be off ALL WEEK next week and we've got lots of FUN things planned for the week! Can't wait!

I also have to say THANK YOU to Peggy and Woody, my coworkers, for my Christmas present: Dinner from P.F. Changs! My first time eating food from there and it was DELICIOUS! What a great way to end my night at work!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree...

We got the tree up, later than I wanted to have it up, but it's UP!

Lilly's friend, Kali and Karla came over after church to help clean and put up the tree.

They were really cute, putting the toys away and they even grabbed a broom and dust pan and started sweeping...of course Jacob was helping by taking the toys out of the bin! Bad boy, but we love him!

This year we let the girls take control of the tree, they could decorate it however they wanted to and they did a BEAUTIFUL job!

Afterwards we had pizza, hot chocolate and hot apple cider, we had a wonderful time!

My coworker got me this counter last year, I love it!

Today was just a wonderful day all together. Jacob was able to stay in nursery without me there for the third hour.

I stayed with him during the second hour to see how he would do and it took him a while to get used to all the girls but he didn't cry after me when I left for Young Women. I was so proud!

Jacob and his new friend Ella =)

I taugh in Young Women today, and let me tell you my lesson topic was the answer to my prayers!

Association with Others was my lesson topic and as I reviewed it through out the week before I taught the lesson, I just felt all my frustrations lately start to discipate.

It's important to reach out to others, try not to judge others, and pray for greater love.

Everyone in my life has made an impression in my life in one way or another.

For everything I have accomplished, I did NOT do it alone. I had help from someone or something along the way and I am ever so grateful!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Away in a Manger...

Everday as Michael drives me to work we past the San Diego Temple and we noticed they put up the Nativity scene up so it's viewable when driving on the 5 freeway. It's so lovely.

I told Michael to bundle the kids up and bring them with him to pick me up after work tonight and we all headed over to the Temple to see the decorations and see the Nativity scene.

We didn't get over there til a little after 9pm and as soon as we drove in I was so excited to see all the lights up, it was just beautiful. Just being on the Temple grounds, you definitely can feel the spirit.

They had music playing too which was wonderful. The Nativity scene wasn't lit by the time we got there. Lilly kept asking to see Baby Jesus but because it was decorated to face the freeway you can't really get a good view of the scene from the dark.

The cold weather just made it feel more like the holidays, I really enjoyed ending the night with a visit to see the decorations at the Temple.

We stopped by California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and then headed home for snuggle time under the blankets and a movie before bed.

My loves...forever and always...

The view of the Temple from CPK, still gorgeous.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The most wonderful time of the YEAR indeed!

Happy December to all...

I don't have to hear all the complaining about me playing Christmas music now, YIPPEE!!!

Well there are still some bah humbuggers at work that don't like it, but don't worry, I will lighten up their hearts a little and before you know it they will be humming Christmas songs with me...haha...I'm just being hopeful....

As Mikey was driving me to work today, I wished him a Happy December. He looked at me, smiled and changed the station to KYXY...I thought it was cute.

When I got to work, I was so excited when I saw them putting up the tree in the lobby at work. The hospital hired a designer to decorate the tree, I was glad I got to see it being worked on when I got in. They also placed a ton of poinsettia plants all over the hospital, so beautiful.

And everytime I walked down the hall from the SCVC to the Hospital I see the tree lit up at the end of the hallway and I just get this feeling of pure JOY in my heart! I love it!

I think it's wonderful that the hospital decorates during the holidays, the comments I hear from the patients are just wonderful. You can tell it makes them feel better. I can't emphasize it enough, how grateful I am for a job that makes me appreciate everything I have so much more...You'll hear me say it a million times...and I'll keep on saying it. Helps me to keep my mind and my heart more open to everything around me....
Snapped this as I was leaving work...isn't is a beautiful sight?
From the Courtyard near the Cafeteria, you can see the tree inside.

I love all the days leading up to Christmas...the music, the lights, the Christmas tree, decorations, smiles...I can just go on and on and on...
Then Christmas day arrives and I get a little sad...because I know it's over and KYXY will stop playing Christmas music...haha..
I'm just being dramatic, but really I do get a little emotional Christmas day.
But every year we celebrate Christmas up til New Year's Day so I have a lot to look forward to...
We have a tradition of things to do every Christmas...
Keep up and you'll see....