Sunday, April 25, 2010


Mike and I haven't been going to our ward or church for awhile. It gets really hard, and we honestly struggle with a lot of things sometimes.

I have been having trouble sleeping at night and last night was one of my tougher nights....I was so tired...and I couldn't sleep because I couldn't get comfortable and I had really bad heart burn. I looked at the clock and it was already 3am.

This morning Mikey got a call from Corban asking if he was going to Church. I heard Mikey say, "Bori isn't feeling well, I don't think we'll be going..."

I was so tired, I thought I was dreaming. I opened my eyes, and told Mikey, "We have to go today."Mikey said we would go next week and I needed to rest." It was so easy to just say ok and go back to sleep, but IT WASN'T.

I was overwhelmed with tears and told Mikey "If we keep making excuses as to why we can't go, we will probably never make it back."

I love my husband and my daughter and I want to live with them FOREVER. I want the opportunity to meet my mother in law one day. I watch my Lilly grow up and even though I have my mom, I often wish I had my mother in law to teach me some things because I know she was a great woman because she did give me the greatest thing I could ever ask for: MICHAEL.

A lot of people keep telling me how lucky he is to have me, but that's not true, I am the lucky one. I'm lucky to have met him, marry him, and have a family with him. I love his family so much, I couldn't have asked for a better one.

Today has been one of the greatest days of my life. I haven't felt this way in a long time, I know my experience this morning has a lot to do with it. Some people may never understand what this means to me, but that's ok because it's not for anyone else to understand but ME.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun day with family....

To start of the day I was awaken this morning to the WORST leg cramp ever!!! Before bed last night I was telling Mikey, I thought I was going to have a leg cramp again, and sure enough I jinxed myself with one this morning. This had to have been the worst leg cramp I've had so far. It didn't just cramp, it burned.....I might sound crazy, but it hurt more than a contraction. Please, no more cramps!

Now on with the fun part, Adam turned 24 last Wednesday, April 7th and today we got together at Kenny's house for a little bbq. Yummy burgers and hotdogs grilled by my brother in law Corban. I love when he bbq's because he uses his special sauce that makes the burgers and hotdogs that much YUMMIER!

After we ate, Lilly and the guys went for a swim in the pool. Lilly didn't really go in the pool because she was cold so she hung in the spa most of the time but everyone had fun.

After the bbq we went out with my sister Kirstina, Jenny and her husband Greg to Corvette Diner for dinner. The first time I ate there was when it was still located in hillcrest. They've relocated to point loma and expanded the place. There's now an arcade which is great when you have to wait to get a table.

It was a fun experience, the set up and music was great, but the food was just alright.

After dinner we were supposed to go back to Trevor's house to watch the UFC fight but I was too tired and decided to come home while Mikey went over.

I love that I spent today with FAMILY because days like today are always the BEST DAYS!

Lilly wouldn't let our waitress do both sides of her hair with straws so the waitress did it to me

She did this to Mikey thinking Lilly would then let her put the other straw in her hair.

And she was right, cause Lilly agreed after seeing straws on Mommy and Daddy.

I don't know why but as soon as she saw my new do Lilly said, "You look CHINESE!"

I love the set up!

Friday, April 9, 2010

32 Weeks

First off CONGRATULATIONS to our beautiful cousin ASHLEY on the birth of her beautiful daughter AVERY!!! We are so happy for you Brad and Ashley and love you guys very much!

Today I am 32 weeks pregnant....eight more weeks to go.

Heart burn is really kicking Jacob is moving more then ever. The kicks aren't too bad, it's when he's just moving his legs or his butt, that can get uncomfortable, but I love it all!

I have started taking some iron pills and so far it's not as bad as the ones I was taking when I was pregnant with Lilly.

Still working, probably will be working til mid or end of May.

Getting excited about my baby shower....

Anticipating Jake's arrival...not sure if I'm ready for labor again's been so long I don't even know what to expect. I just know CONTRACTIONS are not pleasant! Epidural please!

I bet he's going to look just like his daddy, sure hope so cause he's got the most HANDSOME dad ever!!!

32 weeks belly pic

Friday, April 2, 2010


We've been trying to figure out a name for our little guy...

Lilly has been set with Jacob since the day she found out she was going to have a brother....

Michael didn't really like the name at first but now he loves it....

As for me, I really think Jacob is the name meant for him. Yesterday at work a patient came in and his name was Jacob and he was born in June, our son is due in June.

Today there was a huge conference/celebration at UCSD for The Jacobs Medical Center.

So I consider those as me silly....

So our son will be named Jacob William Riggins. William comes from both of Michael's grandfathers, and it's also his middle name.

9 more weeks to go....

21 weeks

21 weeks, looks like he has chubby cheeks
31 weeks