Thursday, May 13, 2010

37 WEEKS....

Oh how the weeks fly by!!!


I hope Jacob comes on time. I'm getting so uncomfortable lately. I see my doctor once a week now and I'm getting so excited!!!!

I have ONE MORE SHOWER and then Mikey and I are going to go shopping for things we haven't gotten but need before he arrives....

I'm so blessed...I wasn't going to have any baby showers and I'm getting spoiled with 3.

I had one at work, that Alivia, Nayer, and Pat threw for me. One with family from Mikey's side, and the final one this Saturday thrown by my best friend for all my friends and family from my side.

Baby Jacob doesn't have much room in my belly right now...and 3d ultrasounds aren't the greatest at this stage, but Joel at work said we could take one more look and I jumped at the opportunity to see my little man one more time before he comes out!

He's all smooshed in there, poor guy!

here he is @ 37weeks!